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A personalised education

Within a caring environment, the children receive personalised bilingual education provided by dynamic and experienced staff. 


 Always at hand, the teachers and assistants pay individual attention to the needs of each child throughout the school year, allowing him/her to acquire the basis of the nursery school curriculum while simultaneously developing his/her personality and spontaneity.

The teacher responsible of each class communicates regularly with parents in order to share the learning activities and progress of their child.Bilingualism is at the heart of "Le Petit Cours du Rocher". 

A bilingual Environment

Experienced native English speaking teachers take the children on a discovery of the language in a relaxed, informal way through group activities.  


The staff devote themselves to the children's development in an encouraging and stimulating manner giving them not only a solid base for learning but also the necessary self-confidence to help them adjust successfully to primary school.

Located in the heart of the 8th, Paris business district since 1953, Le Petit Cours du Rocher, offers an immersive bilingual curriculum (50% french / 50% english) welcoming children from 2 to 11 years old, from 26 nationalities.

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