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Classrooms at Petit Cours du Rocher

Pre-nursery and three pre-school  levels:
thanks to a small number of children per class, we maintain harmony and coherence in the composition of the classes.


5 days a week, 8:30 to 11:30

  • Pre-nursery from 2 years old

  • Preparation to "Petite Section"

  • Immersion in the English language

  • Spacious room adapted especially for toddlers



Class of 18/20 children supervised by:
  - 1 experienced french teacher for young children
  - 1 experienced native english teacher
  - 1 experienced french assistant

"Petite Section": from 3 years old

  classroom with direct access to the courtyard
immersion in the English language in the morning
Class of 21 children, supervised by:
- 1 experienced French teacher
- 1 experienced native English teacher (in the morning)

"Moyenne Section": from 4 years old
classroom with direct access into the courtyard

English immersion every afternoon
Class of 20/21 children supervised by:
    - 1 experienced french speaking teacher (all day)
    - 1 experienced native English teacher (all day)

"Grande Section": from 5 years old
  Spacious room on the 1st floor of the listed building

English immersion every afternoon

  Class of 19 children supervised by:

- 1 French teacher (morning)
- 1 French assistant (morning)
- 2 experienced native English teacher in the afternoon

Les Classes du Cours du Rocher

230 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris

From Pre-K (Toute Petite Section TPS) to Primary (CM2):


Pre-K (TPS) is offered full time (8:30 - 16:15) or Half-Time (8:30 - 11:30), for 2 years old children, lessons are given in French and English equally (50%-50%) by :

1 Experienced Francophone Early Childhood Educator

1 experienced English-speaking teacher

1 English-speaking childminder


In Kindergarten (from the Petite Section to the Grande Section) classes are provided in French and English on a 50%-50% basis (half-days in French half day in English) by:

1 experienced native level French-speaking teacher accompanied by an experienced French-speaking assistant

1 experienced native level English-speaking teachers accompanied by an experienced assistant

In Primary (from CP to CM2) lessons are provided alternately and in equal parts by:

1 experienced French-speaking teacher

1 experienced English-speaking teacher


The school offers:

  • Spacious classrooms on the ground floor overlooking the courtyard

  • 20 children per class (maximum)

  • Spacious gym inside the school

  • Dedicated canteen room in the school

  • Coding, robotics and visual arts activities carried out in our FabLab

  • Gardening activities (vegetable garden) in the schoolyard

Sports activities are provided by an experienced French-speaking teacher accompanied at all times by the teacher or the class assistant.

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