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Reinforced English

Wednesday Club

Open to English or French speaking children, from the school or from outside 

aged between 3 years old and 7 years old


The Wednesday Club, organised solely by the English speaking teachers of the school, takes place in a "great british atmosphere". 


The main objective is to learn and practice the English language.
Three levels of English are taught: beginners - medium - and high

Each child receives an evaluation report at the end of the school year.
The English language is taught thtough songs, poems, role plays, puppets, finger play, group games and art.
Each child will have a personal folder that can be taken home at the end of each term
Registration is done throughout the year, depending on availability
The workshops are not included in the school fees.


Every Wednesday (except during school holidays):
11 H 45-13 H 30: lunch, supervision and games in English (for children of school)
13: 45 pm to 16: 15 pm: Activities in English


30 EUROS per session for school children (supplies included)
36 EUROS per session for children outside the school (supplies included)
8 EUROS: annual mandatory insurance

Kid's Corner

English language and conversation for the children above 6 years old , coming from outside Petit Cours du Rocher

Open to French or English speaking children from Outside the school, from 6 years old,  in small groups
The Kids Corner, organised solely by the English Teachers of the school, allows "old" school students to continue English classes if they have joined a French school.

The Kids Corner also allows pupils of  the Wednesday Club, over the age of 6 years, to continue to progress in English.

This course is more academic than the Wednesday Club, and includes the use of English books.

Each child will have a personalised notebook which will be his/her support.
Registration is done throughout the year, depending on availability

                                                           HOURS 2019-2020                           

                                         Every Wednesday  (Except during school holidays) :

                                                             16 H30 à 18 H on your choice.

RATES 2019-2020:


31 EUROS : by lesson (school supplies included)

8 EUROS :  insurance

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