Summer Club

Active holidays
Summer Club 2020 will take place from Monday June 29 until Friday July 17 2020

Two possibilities are offered: Half or Full time


French or English speaking Children from the school
or outside the school
The children are aged between 3 years old and 6 years old.

Summer Club, led only by the French and English teachers of the school is organised in the school yard, where fitted sandboxes, water containers, picnic area, reading area and games corner can be found.

Arts and Crafts take place in the classrooms .
Children play in both  language : French or English.


Half Time: 09. am to 12.00 and from 01.00 pm until 04.00 pm

Full time: 09.00 am until 04.00 pm, Children lunch on site


  From Monday until Friday 9 am until noon or from 1 pm until 4 pm

  1 week :   244 euros    (Without Lunch)

  2 weeks : 463 euros   (Without Lunch)

  3 weeks : 614 euros   (Without Lunch)


  One Half day  (Without Lunch): 60 euros



§From Monday until Friday 9 am until  4 pm

  1 week :   343 euros    (Without Lunch)

  2 weeks : 632 euros   (Without Lunch)

  3 weeks : 905 euros   (Without Lunch)


 One full day  (Without Lunch): 70 euros


full lunch : 55 euros per week 

Discovery workshop for the future pupils of the "Toute Petite Section":  Initiation and Adaptation Club

The first days of school are important moments for the child and a good adaptation is essential for his balance. Our goal is to prepare children to start its first school year in September with serenity.
We welcome the future pupils, during the "Summer Club" , Five days a week- parents can choose one, two or three week (s)

HOURS: 09 am to 11 am 

Forfait 1 week:   172 euros

Forfait 2 weeks : 312 euros

Forfait 3 weeks: 447 euros